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Generation Joshua Civic Education Courses

Publisher: Generation Joshua/Home School Legal Defense Association
Review last updated: 2009
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HSLDA's spinoff project, Generation Joshua, is working on a number of fronts to change the culture. One of those methods is civics education. To that end, they offer a number of individual online courses at extremely low cost. These can be plugged into and/or used in place of history and government courses. Courses might take from a few weeks to close to a full school year to complete.

An online test at the end of each course provides objective feedback on mastery of the content. Aside from the test, students are on their own. Parents might require additional writing or other work to expand or reinforce course content.

Some courses have archived chat sessions that students may access for deeper insight into key topics. Students Online sessions with guest "speakers" will be offered in some courses.

Courses available at this time (2007):

- Founding Fathers
- Introduction to Constitutional Law (abbreviated version of Farris' course of the same title)
- Campaign School: Successful Campaigning
- Revolutionary War Era Sermons
- The Federalist Papers
- Democracy in America
- The Great Awakening
- Constitutional Convention- Group Course
- America's Founding Documents
- Worldview (Coming 2007)
- Founding Fathers II (Coming 2007)
- America's Founding Documents II, 1787-1865 (Coming 2007)

Complete descriptions are available at the website. Most courses are appropriate for high school level, but some younger students might be able to tackle these courses, especially since they can move at their own pace with the reading assignments.

Courses are FREE to Generation Joshua members.


Generation Joshua Membership individual registration family registration
HSLDA members $25 for two years $100/for 10-year membership
non-members $35 for two years $200/ for 10-Year membership

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  • Suitable for: independent study
    Audience: grades 7-12
    Need for parent/teacher instruction: 0
    Prep time needed: 0
    Religious perspective:  Protestant

Publisher's Info

  • Generation Joshua

    One Patrick Henry Circle
    Purcellville, VA 20132

    (540) 338-8803
    email: generationjoshua (at) hslda (dot) org