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History and Geography of the Bible Story on CD

Publisher: Richard Thetford
Author: Richard Thetford
Review last updated: 2009
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History and Geography of the Bible Story
on CD

This is one of those unusual products that doesn't fit a normal niche. It might be used as a stand alone product with its 52, relatively brief lessons on the history and geography of the Bible. Or it might be used as a supplement alongside most any chronological Bible study or, in particular, with History and Geography of the Bible Story, a workbook by Bob and Sandra Waldron.

History and Geography of the Bible Story on CD targets an audience about sixth grade and up, although I expect that homeschooling families might find their younger children can easily work through the lessons if they are done as a family.

Lessons are presented on a computer using MS PowerPoint. A PowerPoint viewer is included on the CD for those who don't have the program. The computer might be connected to a projector for use in a larger group. The course design makes it very practical for use in a classroom setting, even for an adult group, but that type of presentation begs for a presenter who will walk through the lessons, perhaps expanding upon the slide presentation. Otherwise, since there is no sound track, the visual presentation will seem a bit odd on its own. In a family setting, a parent might read the slides aloud, possibly make additional comments, supervise completion of the worksheets, and direct the mapwork or activity sheets done during or after the slide show.

Each lesson is presented with colorful and interesting PowerPoint slides that include "bullet point" information accompanied by maps and illustrations. Brief background information is sometimes included to help clarify lessons.

The CD contains separate PDF files of worksheets (173 pages), answer key, and maps that coordinate with the lessons. Questions on the worksheets are worded such that they should be completed by students while they watch the slides rather than afterwards. There are also some activity pages that students should complete separately, such as one where they number a series of biblical events in their correct order or the numerous maps to be labeled.

Older students are able to read through each slide and work independently, but younger students (below high school level) will likely need some help at first understanding how the slide presentation and worksheets are used together.

The lessons cover from Genesis through the first century of the Church. Dating issues are discussed in one lesson with the conclusion that in this course the focus will be on the order of events rather than on arguments for specific dates. Also, I very much appreciate that the lessons include coverage of historical events during the intertestamental period. (Note: Catholic Bibles include books on this time period while Protestant Bibles do not.)

The goal of the course is to help students better understand the settings of biblical events which in turn fosters a better understanding and recall of the events themselves. It seems to me that lessons might take only about 10-20 minutes each unless you take time to go back into the actual Scriptures, in which case it could take far longer.

My understanding is that the CD should run on either Mac or Windows systems.

(A free sample lesson is available for viewing on the publisher's website.)


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  • Learning Styles: best for visual learners, but suitable for all
    Suitable for: might be used independently, but good for families or group classes
    Need for parent/teacher instruction:
    minimal unless doing a group presentation  
    Prep time needed:
    none unless a group presentation 
    Need for Teacher's Manual:  answer key included on CD
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