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Landmark's Freedom Baptist Curriculum: Bible

Publisher: Landmark's Freedom Baptist Curriculum: Bible
Review last updated: 2009
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Landmark's Freedom Baptist Curriculum: Bible

Landmark publishes a distinctive Baptist curriculum that covers the fundamentals of faith. Their Bible courses for grades 1 through 12 use the KJV Bible and are presented in worktexts (called study guides), with weekly quizzes, quarterly tests, and answer keys included.

The format is somewhat similar throughout the series. Lessons are designed to take one week each, with six parts to each lesson. One of those parts is Scripture memory, which will be worked on throughout the week. The other five parts can be spread over five days or combined. Typically, the opening lesson is vocabulary, with following lessons varying from level to level. Older levels require students to read significant portions from Scripture then accompany that reading with some commentary. Younger levels retell the Biblical stories or concepts of each lesson, selecting appropriate memory verses that represent a primary lesson concept. Activities for younger levels include fill-in-the-blanks, multiple choice questions, short essay questions, and matching, while upper levels require both brief answers and lengthy compositions.

These are easy to use and require no significant teacher preparation. There are no Sunday school type puzzles and games, just straightforward Bible teaching with an emphasis on both comprehension and understanding. Each lesson has a space for a selected person to sign off when the student demonstrates mastery of their memory verse or verses.

Topics for each level from first through sixth grades are Old Testament Characters, Stories of Israel, New Testament Characters, Miracles of Christ, The Book of Acts, and Bible Survey (of the complete Bible).

Upper level topics for grades seven through twelve are Bible Doctrines; The Book of Genesis; The Book of Proverbs; The Local Church; Romans, Corinthians, and Galatians; and The Inspiration of the Scriptures. The last course will be of particular interest to some since it presents the case for the King James Version as the most reliable Bible translation.

LFBC also has a separate course in Baptist History--course H150. This year-long course covers distinctive Baptist doctrines and examines church history in light of these. It follows the history and development of the Baptist church, developments and controversies within the church, and important ideas and people from the early church down to the present day.


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