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The Catholic Homeschool Companion

Selected and edited by Maureen Wittmann and Rachel Mackson

Sophia Institute Press

When I received The Catholic Homeschool Companion, my first thought was that it was likely an update of Wittmann's and Mackson's Catholic Homeschool Treasury (Ignatius Press) that came out in 1997. However, as I lined up the tables of contents of both books and then began to explore this new volume, I discovered it really is an entirely different book. The basic idea remains the same—collect a number of articles from those experienced in a variety of areas of homeschooling. But this 482-page collection is much, much broader and more comprehensive than in the Treasury.

The Companion features 58 articles, presented under the general headings of Core Subjects, Enrichments Subjects, High School, Homeschooling Styles and Strategies, Children with Special Needs, Homeschooling in Unique Circumstances, The Father's Perspective, Finding Inspiration, Homeschooling Community and Support, Home Management, and Homeschool Students and Graduates.
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