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The First Hebrew Primer

Publisher: EKS Publishing Co.
Review last updated: 2009
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The First Hebrew Primer

I am not familiar with Hebrew, so I cannot really review resources such as this. However, FYI, EKS Publishing Co. has a broad line of materials for learning Hebrew that will take you from beginning letter recognition to being able to read the Bible in Hebrew. (See the review for Teach Yourself to Read Hebrew, which should be used before the Primer.) According to the publisher, First Hebrew Primer " designed to bring beginners as quickly as possible to the skills needed for reading the Bible in the original Hebrew. A complete course of 30 lessons presents vocabulary, grammar, exercises, stories, biblical quotes, the entire Book of Ruth, spelling charts, verb charts, and many more devices to help you learn this ancient language." While this is the principle book, there are also an answer key, flash cards, and audio CDs. The publisher describes the CD content: "The audio begins with the Aleph-bet, and continues with all oral reviews, new vocabulary, Tall Tales, Biblical selections, and the Book of Ruth. Sephardic pronunciation."

On their website EKS lists many other resources for learning Hebrew that you might want to investigate.

Comments from Karrie Nunes, a homeschooler who has studied Hebrew: "I took 2 years of Hebrew with a rabbi. This is one of the books we used and it was very good and thorough. I would recommend the flash cards and CD to help with pronunciation and memorization. It is the program that I would recommend for anyone wanting to learn Hebrew. For kids, I would start them on Teach Yourself to Read Hebrew by the same company."


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    Suitable for: one-on-one or group, but with increasing independent study for older students
    grades 7 - adult
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    Religious perspective: Jewish

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