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Sign Language for Everyone [DVD's and book]

Publisher: Bill Rice Ranch, Inc.
Author: Cathy Rice
Review last updated: 2009
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Sign Language for Everyone [DVD's and book]

Both book and DVD's cover the essentials of American Sign Language—choose either or both. Two 2-hour DVD's teach over 600 signs of American Sign Language. This is the only introductory signing course that I know of that also teaches signs for witnessing. The signs are taught in groups with logical associations so that they are easily remembered.

The softcover book can be used to cover the same material without the DVD's or with the DVD's for review and practice. The course is appropriate for all ages.



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  • Sign Language for Everyone Book Only

    Sign Language for Everyone Book Only

    Cathy Rice

    Instant Key

    Suitable for: independent study
    all ages
    Need for parent/teacher instruction:
    Prep time needed:
    Need for Teacher's Manual: N/A
    Religious perspective: Protestant

    Publisher's Info

    Bill Rice Ranch, Inc.

    627 Bill Rice Ranch Rd.
    Murfreesboro, TN 37128-4555


    (note: the book is actually published by Thomas Nelson Publishers)