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Spanish I and II (A Beka)

Publisher: A Beka Book
Review last updated: 2009
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Spanish I (A Beka)

Titles for A Beka's two courses are Spanish I, Por Todo El Mundo and Spanish II, Mas Que Vencedores

This is a fairly traditional, grammatical approach to learning Spanish, yet there is a strong emphasis on Christian witnessing. You will need to buy a student text, teacher's guide, vocabulary manual, and teacher's edition to the vocabulary manual for each course. Two coordinated CDs are also needed for Spanish I. The student test booklet is optional. The Spanish II text is similar, but it does not have CDs.



Spanish I

Spanish II

student text $46.25 $51.15
teacher guide $37.35 $40.90
vocabulary manual $22 $23.50
vocabulary teacher edition $33 $35.25
pronunciation/Scripture CD $15  
vocabulary CD $15  
test book $5.75 $5.75
key to test book $10.75 $10.75

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  • Learning Styles: Perfect Paula
    Suitable for: group, one-on-one, and independent work
    Audience: grades 7-12
    Need for parent/teacher instruction: minimal to moderate
    Prep time needed: minimal
    Teacher's manual: useful
    Religious perspective:  Protestant

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  • A Beka Book

    PO Box 19100
    Pensacola, FL 32523-9100
    (877) 223-5226