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Easy Writing

Publisher: ISHA Enterprises, Inc.
Author: Wanda Phillips
Review last updated: 2009
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Easy Writing

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From the author of Easy Grammar, Wanda Phillips, comes a new approach to teaching writing. This is not a comprehensive writing program but one that concentrates on sentence structure. Children learn how to write more interesting sentences by using conjunctions, subordinate clauses, participial phrases, and other more complex structures. Each unit within the book is divided into an easier level and a more difficult level. Some children instinctively construct interesting sentences but many do not. This book will help those children (and parents) who have difficulty writing sentences more interesting than, "The boy chased the dog."



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  • Easy Writing : Teaching Students How to Write Complex Sentence Structures

    Easy Writing : Teaching Students How to Write Complex Sentence Structures

    Wanda C. Phillips

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    • Suitable for: one-on-one or group teaching plus independent work
      grades 2-8
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