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The Exciting World of Creative Writing

Christian Liberty Press

This really is an "exciting" book about creative writing. Author Ruth McDaniel has written many short stories which I have read and thoroughly enjoyed. She is an ideal person to create a book to help others follow in her footsteps. Consequently, this is a practical, meaty, interesting resource rather than a school exercise-oriented book, although, it does have a few exercises to review grammar and sentence construction essentials early in the book. Use these or not according to the language skills of each student.

The bulk of the book is creative writing lessons for prose and poetry, with major concentration on short stories. McDaniel includes numerous inspiring and instructive examples, so we get the feeling, "This isn't so difficult!"

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Ungraded, Multi-level Resources - Composition

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    Speaking and listening are crucial to communication. We actually have more opportunities to develop these skills at home than at school because of the significantly lower student-to-teacher ratio. The following materials should be helpful.

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      Citation generator for research papers - free online at or search "MLA citation generator" for others.


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