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Harvey's Revised English Grammar

Publisher: Mott Media
Author: Thomas Harvey
Review last updated: 2009
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Harvey's Grammar

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While this book can be used in junior high, it is a comprehensive grammar text that can also be used through high school. It is a revised edition of a nineteenth century text, which is evident in some of the subject matter and vocabulary as well as the style of presentation.

The book is divided into four parts: orthography (study of letters, syllables, sounds, and spelling), etymology (meaning parts of speech, tense, number, mode, and other attributes of words as they are used in sentences), syntax (study of punctuation plus the study of sentences, their elements, and the relationships of parts), and prosody (study of accent, quality and tone of language as well as technical aspects of poetry). Harvey's goes beyond any grammar texts commonly used today, particularly in the fourth section. An answer key is available.



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  • Harvey's Elementary Grammar and Composition


    Thomas Harvey

    Harvey's Revised English Grammar (Harvey's Language Course)


    Thomas Harvey

    Harvey's Revised English Grammar Answer Key


    Eric Wiggin

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    • Learning Styles: those who don't mind the "dated" presentation
      Suitable for: mostly independent work
      grades 7-12
      Need for parent/teacher instruction: 
      minimal to moderate
      Prep time needed:
      Need for teacher manual:  answer key available
      Religious perspective: secular but "Christian friendly"

    Publisher's Info

    • Mott Media

      112 E. Ellen St.
      Fenton, MI 48430