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Writing Our Catholic Faith Handwriting

Publisher: Universal Publishing
Review last updated: August 2011
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Writing Our Catholic Faith Handwriting 1

Universal Publishing offers Catholic home educators a handwriting program that teaches traditional manuscript and cursive by using Catholic content throughout each book. Similar to other handwriting programs, worktexts teach letter and word formation and provide space for practice. As students progress, they copy complete sentences then paragraphs.

Manuscript printing is taught in grades K through 2. An alternate book that teaches cursive is available for second grade, then books for grades 3 through 8 teach cursive. Books have some black-and-white illustrations at all levels, but the kindergarten level has more illustrations and some activities (e.g., puzzles or circling correct items). “Self-check” boxes are included on most pages so that students might catch their own errors in formation, spacing, slant, etc.

A single teacher’s manual is available for their non-Catholic version of the program, and it should work for this program if you need it. The TM has background information such as general teaching strategies for teaching handwriting, help for teaching left-handed writers, pencil and paper positions, and other topics. However, you should not need a teacher’s manual.


$9.95 per book

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  • Suitable for: group, one-on-one or independent work
    Need for parent/teacher instruction: moderate to none
    Prep time needed: none
    Teacher's manual: not needed
    Educational philosophy: traditional forms
    Religious perspective: Catholic

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