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A Beka Book's Handwriting Program

Publisher: A Beka Book
Review last updated: 2009
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A Beka Book's Handwriting Program

A Beka Book's handwriting program in the early grades combines handwriting with phonics in their Writing with Phonics texts. If your primary goal is teaching handwriting, and phonics needs only a little reinforcement, you might choose these books; but if phonics is the primary goal, look for a better workbook.

Either manuscript or cursive is taught even in the K4 program for young kindergartners, although children learn only lower case letters. K5 also teaches lower case letters, then adds capitals and requires children to write complete sentences.

Slant guides that can be placed underneath any lined paper a student might use help them develop proper slant from the very beginning. The newest editions of the K4 and K5 books are printed in full color. Separate Writing Tablets are also available for both K4 and K5. K4, in this case, includes capital letters. You should choose either a Writing Tablet or Writing with Phonics, but not both.

Penmanship lessons continue through Writing with Phonics for grades 1 and 2 or Writing Tablets. As they move into second grade, students learn to reduce the size of their writing.

The Cursive Writing Skillbook 3 expands into a variety of writing formats, and includes creative writing, phonics review, and dictionary work.


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