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Peterson Directed Handwriting

Publisher: Peterson Directed Handwriting
Review last updated: 2012

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Peterson Directed Handwriting

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Peterson Directed Handwriting is another resource that should appeal to home educators since it is both inexpensive and thorough....
The teacher’s handbooks offer step-by-step teaching instruction as well as extra strategy helps and explanations about some of the research and theories behind the methodology. It covers types of pencils, how to hold them, desks and sitting positions, tips for teaching left-handed students, and more. This is one of the few handwriting programs where the teacher’s manual is a necessity because it contains so much useful information.
The methodology is standard ball-and-stick, based on learning basic movement patterns to reinforce left-to-right tracking. “Printwriting” begins with the traditional one-stroke-at-a-time process. In second grade, slant print is introduced using a “no-lift” rhythm called “threading” in the jargon of motor control specialists. Transition to a traditional cursive takes place in third grade....Songs and rhythms that assist in teaching handwriting skills are available upon request in MP3 format....

Peterson has materials for preschool through eighth grade, but I expect that the courses for grades K through 4 will be of primary interest.
In addition, Peterson offers printable e-workbooks, reproducible lesson-sheets, wall alphabets, pencil grips, and special education materials. Of particular interest might be Shirley’s Books ($4.95 each), a four-book series of vertical manuscript, slant print, and cursive reproducible practice books. The Left-Handed Writer (e-book for $9.95) might be of special interest to those with left-handed students.
Peterson’s website offers many how-to videos and an extensive resource library with research information and practical ideas for teaching handwriting. They also offer free online support.


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