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A Child's Story of America, second edition

Publisher: Christian Liberty Press
Review last updated: June 2015
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A Child's Story of America

This is one of the most delightful history books I have ever come across. It reads like Hillyer's Child's History of The World from Calvert School. Both read more like stories than like history texts, giving the reader a sense that the author is conversing directly with him.

Unlike Hillyer's book, A Child's Story of America includes Christianity in its coverage. The revised second edition markedly expands that coverage with information on the Great Awakening, revivals, and sketches of influential Protestant ministers. This edition now has a strong Protestant flavor that was lacking in the first edition.

It is important to know that both editions of this book have their origins in a much earlier version (written closer to the turn of the last century). The original book reflected attitudes towards Indians that were quite different than today. This second edition reprint has taken pains to update the language and correct inaccurate and incomplete information while still reflecting some of the original attitude. Keep this in mind as you read the book.

Information has been updated through the Clinton administration including his impeachment.

This second edition features many more illustrations and maps, printed in two colors that were not in the first edition. Sidebars add extra biographical sketches or vignettes that enhance topic coverage. Chapter review questions are in the book. A separate test booklet and answer key is available.


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