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Free Indeed: Heroes of Black Christian History

Publisher: Bob Jones University Press
Author: Mark Sidwell
Review last updated: 2009
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Free Indeed: Heroes of Black Christian History

The focus here is upon black Christians in America rather than the typical black heroes. The book opens with a brief history of the black church in America, then presents biographies of thirteen men who demonstrate the work of salvation in their lives. Each story is as much a spiritual journey as an historical one. Parents might read these aloud with students in the upper elementary grades, although the book is geared to reading levels for junior and senior high students. Discussion questions should probably be saved for older students.

A Teacher's Resource book is available. While it contains a unit test, it is mostly project and bulletin board ideas that are classroom oriented. A packet of twelve portraits is also available, but it, too, is really designed for classroom use.


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  • Suitable for: group or independent work
    Audience: grades 6-12
    Need for parent/teacher instruction: minimal
    Prep time needed: 0
    Teacher's manual: available, but not very useful
    Religious perspective:  Protestant

Publisher's Info

  • Bob Jones University Press

    Greenville, SC 29614
    (800) 845-5731