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Jackdaw Portfolios of Historical Documents and Study Guides

Publisher: Golden Owl Publishing Company
Review last updated: 2009
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Jackdaw Portfolios of Historical Documents
and Study Guides

More than 100 different Portfolios and Study Guides cover historical topics under broad categories such as Colonial America, Economics, Government a& Civics, Slavery & Civil War, Conflicts & Social Issues, Explorers, Ancient Civilizations, California State History, New York State History, and Science. Examples of specific titles under these categories: American Revolution, California Gold Rush, Reconstruction, Slavery in the U.S., Columbus and the Age of Explorers, Russian Revolution, Magna Carta, Martin Luther, The New Deal, The Depression, French Revolution, and The Holocaust.

Portfolios contain from eight to eighteen historical source documents that are facsimiles of originals. Transcripts are included since some of these are difficult to read. Four to eight "Broadsheets" expand upon selected topics, tying in the source documents. Notes for each portfolio include background on each document, suggested books to read, thought questions, plus assorted extras depending upon the topic (such as a list of places to visit).

The reading level is fairly high, so use these selectively with younger readers. The publisher suggests their use with children fifth grade or above.

The Study Guides help you fully utilize the portfolio material, serving as activity guides. Many activities involve writing, primarily relying upon the source documents and broadsheets for selected information. In addition to writing, there are projects such as determining the best route to California during the Gold Rush. Activities range from simple questions to involved research/projects. A couple of vocabulary worksheets (reproducible) are included. Both Portfolios and Study Guides are intended for use with a wide range of age groups, but the Guides seem to have more range of activities with some suitable for elementary grade students. Guides are dependent upon the Portfolios, referring to them for information, so they may not be purchased separately.

Although some of the material is better suited to junior and senior high students, some, such as the California Gold Rush Portfolio and Guide, are geared for students in upper elementary grades.

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