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World History and Cultures in Christian Perspective, Third eEdition

Publisher: A Beka Book
Review last updated: 2011
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World History and Cultures in Christian Perspective

This 2010 edition of A Beka's World History combines both fact and opinion in the text with colorful illustrations, including full-color maps. Taking a more subjective approach than do most history texts, this one is strongly Protestant (and anti-Catholic), capitalistic, patriotic, and anti-United Nations. Church history and religious issues receive a great deal of attention throughout the text. A test booklet and teacher key are also available. The test booklet includes map project pages that you really should use. The student text includes frequent groups of fact-based and identification questions throughout each chapter. At the end of each chapter are short answer and discussion questions as well as map work assignments to be used with the pages in the test booklet. The teacher's guide includes answers to text questions, suggestions for supplementary materials, a list of objectives, and chapter overviews.

Students can easily work through this text on their own. No teaching is required except for the discussion questions. However those might be assigned as written work or for study in preparation for a test.

The Third Edition is almost identical to the Second Edition in content, although additional information at the end brings it up to the time of the Obama administration.


student text $26.50
teacher edition $41.75
answer key $13.75
test/map book $7.50
test book key $11.50
quiz book $5.50
quiz book answer key $11.50

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  • Learning Styles: Perfect Paula
    Suitable for: some group or one-on-one, but mostly independent work
    Audience: high school
    Need for parent/teacher instruction: minimal
    Prep time needed: 0
    Teacher's manual: useful as answer key
    Religious perspective:  Protestant

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