United States Government

United States Government

This easy-to-use worktext is an excellent resource for teaching twelfth-grade students about the form and function of the U.S. federal government. It covers the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, the branches of government, and more. Each section goes in depth, discussing not only basic ideas but also the Founding Fathers intentions based on an abundance of quotes. A great deal of time is spent discussing Constitutional amendments and resulting issues such as freedom of religion and expression, the right to bear arms, due process, and jury nullification. Throughout the text, the true nature of the federal government and its relationship to the states and their citizens is examined. Each chapter contains questions in essay, short answer, and fill-in-the-blank formats. Quizzes, exams, and answer keys are included. This course is intended for one semester followed by LFBC's Economics course for the second semester.

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Instant Key

  • Suitable For: independent study
  • Audience: grade 12
  • Need For Parent/Teacher Instruction: minimal to none
  • Prep Time Needed: none
  • Teacher's Manual: N/A
  • Educational Approach: traditional
  • Religious Perspective: Christian (Landmark¬†Freedom Baptist)

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