Reading Comprehension Crosswords

Reading Comprehension Crosswords

Reading Comprehension questions are more fun to answer when they are used to solve crossword puzzles in this Reading Comprehension Crosswords series from Edupress. The series consists of six individual, 32-page workbooks for each of grades one through six. For grades 3 through 6, each reproducible book has 14 reading passages with a companion crossword puzzle on a facing page. Grades 1 and 2 have 27 reading passages with a puzzle on the same page.

Reading passages are from the realms of language arts, social studies, and science. For example, in the third grade book, we find a purely informational article about rain forests, an article about volcanoes that includes both scientific facts and Hawaiian mythology regarding the goddess Pele, a story about James Naismith who invented the sport of basketball, and a story about the creation of Mount Rushmore.

Crossword answers can be found with a careful reading of the story. Questions don’t require students to make inferences or think of analogies; literal comprehension is the goal.

Two extension activities are suggested for each lesson, but these are optional. These generally include one research and/or writing activity. The second activity might be drawing or another art activity, discussion, brainstorming, or additional work in language arts. For example, accompanying an article on astronomy, one extension activity suggests that students draw their own pictures of what some of the constellations might look like, then check with an actual constellation chart. The second suggestion is to “Make a list of things you might see if you were looking through a telescope.”

With answer keys at the back, these workbooks are simple to use and require no extra effort from the teacher unless you use some of the extension activities. They should be particularly useful for children who tend to scan reading material rather than reading carefully since they will have to pay attention to details to find the correct answers.

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Reading Comprehension Crosswords - Grade 2

Reading Comprehension Crosswords - Grade 2
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Instant Key

  • Suitable For: all settings
  • Audience: grades 1-6
  • Need For Parent/Teacher Instruction: none except maybe with first graders
  • Prep Time Needed: none
  • Teacher's Manual: answer key at back of book
  • Religious Perspective: secular

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