Life Science (BJU Press), 2007 edition

Life Science (BJU Press), 2007 edition

BJU Press's Life Science covers many topics also covered in high school biology but at less challenging levels, requiring less vocabulary mastery. BJU Press's description reads: "Discusses science and its relationship to the Word of God, examining the attributes of life, classification, cells, and biblical creation. Deals with such subjects as the life processes of organisms, genetics, and biological evolution. Presents concepts in microbiology, plant biology, and zoology, including reproduction. Looks at ecosystems, interrelationships among organisms, and a biblical perspective of man's stewardship of the earth. Concludes with a discussion of the human body and its basic structure and function." Human reproduction is treated in a special chapter within the teacher's edition.

The 2007 edition is published in two softcover volumes, each with over 400 pages. More than 100 student activity pages are included within each volume at the back of the books, so you no longer need separate student activity books unless you have additional students sharing the text. The teacher's edition (also two volumes) has reduced student pages with answers and marginal notes. It includes instructions, answers, and correlation for all student activity pages. The teacher's edition is now available on CD-ROM.

In contrast to high school level texts, this course is heavily illustrated with full-color illustrations on just about every page. Nevertheless, the content is quite challenging. Within each chapter are a number of section review question sets in addition to chapter review questions at the end of each chapter. Thought provoking "What Did You Learn?" questions follow the chapter reviews. Both volumes include an extensive glossary and index so students need to access only one volume at a time.

The student activity pages have many worthwhile activities to enhance the lessons—worksheets, dissections, experiments, drawing, labeling, observations, and puzzles. Many of these help students learn the basics of lab work, including recording and analyzing data. Most of these are practical for homeschoolers, although they will require quite a few supplies. To help with lab work, you might want to use the dissecting kit and instructions available from either Nasco or BJUP. In addition, you might want to purchase the prepared slide set with nine prepared slides, three blank slides, and a storage box. BJUP also suggests their Biology Lab Dissection DVD as a supplement.

The homeschool kit includes student text, teacher's edition, (both volumes for each of these), a packet of tests, and tests answer key. There is a free demo version of TestBuilder 2 that apparently has test questions for this course..

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Life Science with Student Activities Teacher's Edition (2 Volumes)

Life Science with Student Activities Teacher

Life Science with Student Activities (2 Volumes - Life Science A and Life Science B)

Life Science with Student Activities (2 Volumes - Life Science A and Life Science B)

Life Science Tests Answer Key 3ED

Life Science Tests Answer Key 3ED

Life Science Student Activities Manual 3rd Edition

Life Science Student Activities Manual 3rd Edition
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Instant Key

  • Suitable For: group or one-on-one
  • Audience: grades 7-8
  • Need For Parent/Teacher Instruction: high
  • Prep Time Needed: moderate to high
  • Teacher's Manual: essential
  • Religious Perspective: Protestant

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  • BJU Press
  • 1700 Wade Hampton Blvd.
  • Greenville, SC 29614
  • (800) 845-5731

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