The New Weather Book

The New Weather Book

This sharp-looking, 96-page book is a treat to read as well as to look at. Thoroughly Christian in its outlook, The Weather Book begins with a presentation about the earth, considering its placement in the solar system, its atmosphere and other characteristics that are just exactly right to maintain life. Here and throughout the book, the author's tone is such that he raises your curiosity and piques your sense of wonder. He presents plenty of factual information, but oftentimes unusual and intriguing facts. Topics covered are a general introduction to weather and climates, water, clouds, fog, thunder, lightning, hail, wind, tornadoes, hurricanes, winter storms, "wild" weather, past climates, Noah's flood, the Ice Age, future climate (greenhouse effect, ozone), weather observation, and ecology. This is a book for all ages.

The book is available in either hard cover or digital format.

This is one of a number of books in the Wonder of Creation series. Among other titles are The Astronomy book, The Fossil Book, The Geology Book and The Ocean Book.

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The New Weather Book - PDF Download [Download]

The New Weather Book - PDF Download [Download]
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  • Suitable For: read aloud or independent reading
  • Audience: grades K-adult
  • Prep Time Needed: none
  • Teacher's Manual: optional
  • Religious Perspective: Christian

Publisher's Info

  • Master Books/New Leaf Publishing Group
  • PO Box 726
  • Green Forest, AR 72638
  • (800) 999-3777

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