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Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division Songs Kits (CD's)

Publisher: Audio Memory Publishing
Author: Kathy and Larry Troxel
Review last updated: February 2012
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Addition Songs Kit

Kathy Troxel has created CDs with songs to help students learn their math facts. Each kit includes a reproducible book and an audio CD teaching the math facts set to music.

Addition covers the facts through 9 + 9. Multiplication covers the times tables from the 2's through the 12's. Subtraction covers facts up through 20 - 12. Division covers facts up through 144 ÷ 12. Time for student response is allowed when each song repeats. Fifteen-page books review the math facts covered on each CD. Extra books are available if needed.

Use resources like these with strong auditory learners who have trouble mastering the math tables or those who need a variety of approaches.

Multiplication and Division Songs DVD also covers up through the 12 times tables "in the form of echo style songs with lyrics in sync with the music. Includes Division Songs and Practice as Division and Practice as Fractions."


Addition Songs CD ($9.95)
Addition Songs Kit w/ CD, workbook ($12.95)
Subtraction Songs CD ($9.95)
Subtraction Songs Kit w/ CD, workbook ($12.95)
Multiplication CD ($9.95)
Multiplication Kit w/ CD, workbook ($12.95)
Division CD ($9.95)
Division Kit w/ CD, workbook ($12.95)
Multiplication and Division Songs DVD ($20)

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