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Publisher: Weimar Institute
Review last updated: 2009
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Math-It is primarily for mastering addition, subtraction, and multiplication computation skills. It consists of packets of game boards and fact cards plus instructions. 

This is not a complete math curriculum! Techniques used to master facts are often unusual (compared to traditional math instruction) but very effective.

Math-It works well for some children but not for others. It is ideal for the child who has difficulty developing speed with math facts. If you can borrow one to try before purchasing, do so.

If you use Math-It, cover other aspects of a math program in some manner, perhaps using a math text for other concepts. If using Math-It, also practice math concepts with games or practical life applications. Math-It by itself gets boring quickly.

Children are ready for Math-It when they can pass this test: Close your eyes tightly, count backwards from 20 down to 0, and tie your shoes at the same time. Most children are seven or eight years old before they can do this.

Math-It comes with the very useful Math-It Guide Book. The Guide Book covers all three levels (Pre through Advanced) and features extra teaching helps. It is also available separately.

Pre Math-It uses dominoes to teach number facts at early levels. It also includes instructions for many of the identical learning methods used in the regular Math-It set. This set is useful with most children.

Advanced Math-It carries on with division, fractions, decimals, percents, and some algebra and geometry using the same techniques used in Math-It.


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  • Math-It (includes Guide Book in PDF format)

    Math-It (includes Guide Book in PDF format)

    Advanced Math-It

    Advanced Math-It

    Pre Math-It

    Pre Math-It

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    • Learning Styles: all
      Suitable for: 
      grades preK-6
      Need for parent/teacher instruction: 
      only introductory
      Prep time needed:
      Need for Teacher's Manual:  very useful
      Religious perspective:

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    • Weimar Institute

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      (877) 934-6278—Call M-Th 10-6 
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