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Publisher: Keyboard Enterprises
Author: Leonard Firebaugh
Review last updated: 2009


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Reports I consistently hear from parents are that their children really understand algebra when they go through this course. It may not be exciting or colorful, but it really works.

This set of videos with accompanying work sheets and answer keys comprises a complete first year algebra course and then some. Presentation is definitely not exciting, but it moves along at a steady pace without wasting time. Firebaugh uses a white board to demonstrate problem solving, explaining concepts clearly as he goes.

Each video lesson presentation (145 in all) takes about fifteen minutes, then students practice on work sheets for about 30 to 45 minutes. Answer keys showing full solutions are included as well as tests. About 800 pages of work sheets, solutions, and tests come with the course. No parent preparation or participation is necessary. Students can work independently through all course work.

The complete course consists of three groups of DVDs, listed on the order form as Phase One, Phase Two, and Phase Three. There are eight DVDs per Phase. One benefit of the “phase arrangement” is that you can purchase Phase One, try it out, then decide whether to invest in the complete program. A more important benefit is that you can use only Phases One and Two for a slower student who does not intend to pursue algebra any further. The material covered in the first two parts will still be sufficient for a first year algebra course. Students who complete all three Phases will have covered some coordinate geometry along with many Algebra 2 concepts.

When you think about the cost, keep in mind that the DVD’s are not consumable and you can reuse or resell them. Overall, this is a time and cost effective solution even though it lacks polish.

Firebaugh also has an Algebra II course but I have not reviewed it.


$79.95 per Phase

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  • Instant Key

    • Learning modalities: all
      Suitable for: independent study
      high school
      Need for parent/teacher instruction:
      minimal to none
      Prep time needed:
      Teacher's manual:
      Religious perspective: secular but "Christian friendly"

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