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Business Mathematics

Publisher: A Beka Book
Review last updated: 2015
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Business Mathematics

This practical math book for Christian students covers personal record keeping, banking, taxes and investments such as stocks and bonds, mutual funds and real estate, as well as presenting lessons and problems about assets, liabilities and capital; income and expenses, profit and loss: debits, credits and double-entry bookkeeping; and journals, statements and accounting categories. There is also a unit on management that explores such subjects as ratio analysis, percent analysis, the break-even point and inventory turnover.

This is good training for young entrepreneurs and for those who are thinking about business management or accounting. Concepts from arithmetic, algebra, and geometry are incorporated into problem solving strategies, although not at a deep level.

The teacher edition has lesson plans plus answers to all textbook problems. The solution key is useful, but it has solutions for only selected problems and will not be a complete answer key. A text and quiz booklet and its companion answer key are also available. The text can be used as either a one-semester or full-year course. Recommended for grades 10-12. [V. Thorpe/Cathy Duffy]


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