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Calculus The Easy Way, fourth edition

Publisher: Barron's
Author: Douglas Downing
Review last updated: 2009
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Calculus The Easy Way

Calculus is taught through a fantasy story—a unique and engaging approach. All math should be this fun! Practice exercises, tests, and answers are included in one book. This is not as comprehensive as other calculus books, but any high school student who gets this far is already ahead. Highly recommended as an introduction, supplement or a course for "fun".





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  • Calculus the Easy Way

    Calculus the Easy Way

    Douglas Downing

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    • Suitable for: students who need an more engaging, less challenging approach for learning or practicing calculus
      : grades 10-adult
      Need for parent/teacher instruction:
      Prep time needed:
      Need for Teacher's Manual: N/A
      Educational Philosophy: creative/non-traditional
      Religious perspective: secular

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    • Barron's

      250 Wireless Blvd.
      Hauppauge, NY 11788