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Geometry (School of Tomorrow) [PACEs or DVD option]

Publisher: School of Tomorrow
Review last updated: 2009
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Geometry is offered as either a PACEs only course, but you can also purchase the set of DVD's that teach the entire course.

In this course, students are required to draw constructions, and they learn to handle geometric equipment such as the compass, protractor, and straight edge. In the PACEs, students create their own handbook of definitions, postulates, theorems, etc. in pull out sections in the center of each PACE. This is an excellent feature that helps students learn and remember foundational information, while also providing a handy reference tool.

All geometry concepts in the PACEs are taught on the DVD's with the addition of graphics and film footage. Periodically, the DVD instructs students to stop and complete work in their PACEs and handbooks.

There are 12 PACEs and 12 DVD's for the course. This is a "proofs"-based course. It teaches constructions, along with postulates and theorems, from the very beginning. Students solve problems using proofs beginning in the first PACE, although the concept of proofs is presented gradually as "explanations and reasons."

Content is challenging, equivalent to average high school level geometry courses. It lacks sufficient application explanations and word problems in the early parts of the course, but adds more toward the end. To add interest, short character-trait scenarios and math facts are interspersed throughout each DVD.


videos for each course $219.95

set of 10 PACEs for each course $39.60

set of four answer keys $13.20

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    • Learning Styles: PACEs for Perfect Paula, but videos will appeal to more auditory & visual learners
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      high school
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