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CTC Math

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Math Mammoth

by Maria Miller

Math Mammoth seems to be an underground, “overnight success” in the homeschool marketplace. With little fanfare and no significant marketing budget that I have noticed, Math Mammoth has garnered lots of attention along with many fans in a relatively short period of time.

Math Mammoth offers a few different options, but the primary thing to know is that the Light Blue Series is a complete core curriculum while the Blue Series is supplemental. The Blue Series' content is almost identical to that of the Light Blue Series, but it is arranged and sold in small, topical units rather than as grade level texts. (Great for those who need to focus on a topic like fractions.)

Math Mammoth can be purchased in traditional, printed book format on CD-ROM or as downloadable files. Printed books are purchased through Lulu or Rainbow Resource Center on the internet. (Links are on the Math Mammoth web site.) Most users purchase the downloadable versions, probably because of both convenience and cost. The price for downloads is fantastic at only $34 for a complete grade level—or even better, $136 for grades 1 through 6.... For those with downloading problems, all grade levels can be purchased on a single CD-ROM for $141....

The price alone is enough to cause you to sit up and take notice, but the content is also top notch. Some people have compared Math Mammoth with Singapore Primary Mathematics since both programs teach for mastery and understanding.
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Junior High

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Web links

  • Khan Academy: Free math lessons, mostly topical rather than full courses (Use the search tool to find topics or use the "Knowledge Map" to see math topics and their connections in a logical progression.)
  • Free Saxon Math placement tests for all levels.