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Plane Geometry

Publisher: A Beka Book
Review last updated: 2014
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Plane Geometry

A Beka Book's Plane Geometry, a one-year course, uses traditional methods, including formal proofs. The emphasis is on logical, systematic thinking skills. The course is primarily theoretical rather than practical. (An example of a more practical course would be Discovering Geometry.) Order the student text and the solution key, which demonstrates solutions to problems. A Student Test Booklet and Student Quiz Booklet are also available. This text is equivalent to the typical high school geometry course.





text $30.90
solutions key $66.50
test booklet $12.25
tests key $13.50

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  • Learning Styles: Competent Carl
    Audience: grade 10
    Suitable for: independent work
    Need for parent/teacher instruction:
    Prep time needed:
    Educational Philosophy: traditional
    Religious perspective: Protestant

Publisher's Info

  • A Beka Book

    PO Box 19100
    Pensacola, FL 32523-9100
    (877) 223-5226