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Letters and Sounds

Publisher: A Beka Book
Review last updated: 2009
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Letters and Sounds

Use Letters and Sounds, either book K or 1, as seatwork after initial presentation of letter and sound recognition. These books should be used along with A Beka's Phonics and Reading kindergarten and Grade 1 Teacher's Guide/Curriculums.

These are colorful workbooks that are not overwhelming as long as you are not pushing a child into reading before he or she is ready. The kindergarten book requires a minimal amount of writing—mostly drawing lines between things, circling, and selecting the right answer until the end of the book where they fill in some blanks. However, children are expected to be able to read three-letter, short-vowel words early in the book. Letters and Sounds 1 repeats much of what is covered in K, but moves further, especially with fill-in-the-blank writing activities.


K- $12.25

grade 1-$13.75

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    Kindergarten and first grade
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