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Noah Webster's Reading Handbook

Publisher: Christian Liberty Press
Review last updated: July 2012

This is one of my 102 Top Picks!

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Noah Webster's
Reading Handbook

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This inexpensive little book covers all the basics of beginning phonics and reading, albeit without any fluff or frills. It uses "consonant-vowel" combinations to teach blending. Rules are presented in boxes at the bottom of pages, and the rest of each page consists of practice words and sentences. It's a little less comprehensive than other programs, omitting some common sight words and a few complex phonograms such as alternate sounds of "ough."

You will likely want to supplement with readers and phonics workbooks. The Christian Liberty Press Adventures in Phonics series works well with it.


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  • Noah Webster's Reading Handbook

    Noah Webster

    Darrel A. Trulson

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    • Suitable for: one-on-one instruction
      Audience: beginning readers
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      Need for Teacher's Manual:  N/A
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    • Christian Liberty Press

      502 W. Euclid Ave.
      Arlington Heights, IL 60004

      (847) 259-4444