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A Beka Science (Junior High)

Publisher: A Beka Book
Review last updated: 2009
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A Beka Science (Junior High)

A Healthier You

This health text is designed to complement science studies at seventh grade level. It should take anywhere form 9 to 18 weeks to complete. Unlike secular texts, this one focuses on both inner and outer health. Topics include emotional changes, self-control, attitudes, courtesy, posture, grooming and appearance, drugs (with a strong stand against drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes), and spiritual fitness. You really don't need the teacher edition. A student review and test booklet plus an accompanying answer key might be useful for those who want to test their students.

Let's Be Healthy

Topics in this health text (suggested for grade 8) include nutrition, diets, food abuse problems, AIDS, and first aid. AIDS education covers the crucial information without describing deviant sexual practices, condoms, and other elements deemed essential in public school AIDS education programs. This is a 9-18 week course, designed to supplement science. Discussion and written questions are in the student text. The teacher edition includes presentation information and answers to the student text questions, but the answer key by itself will suffice. Extras: Student Review and Test Booklet and accompanying teacher key; Student Quiz Booklet and accompanying teacher key.



  A Healthier You Let's Be Healthy
student text $14 $17.50
teacher edition $20 $23.75
answer key $10.50 $10.50
test and study book $6.25 $6.25
answer key to test/study book $10.25 $10.25
quiz book   $4.85
answer keys to quiz book   $10.25

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  • Learning Styles: Perfect Paula
    Suitable for:  group or independent study
    grades 7-8
    Need for parent/teacher instruction: 
    Prep time needed:
    Need for Teacher's Manual: answer keys are all you need
    Religious perspective:

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  • A Beka Book

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