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Along Came Galileo

Publisher: Beautiful Feet Books
Author: Jeanne Bendick
Review last updated: 2009
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Along Came Galileo

Similar in concept to Bendick's other book reviewed at this site, Archimedes and the Door of Science, this is a terrific book to introduce children to a great scientist, some of his scientific forebears, and his significant scientific ideas and discoveries. Told through a series of anecdotes about his life, the book presents just the right amount of information for children in elementary grades to interest them in science. Illustrated with black-and-white drawings, the presentation and lively writing style also make this book visually appealing and fun to read.




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  • Along Came Galileo

    Along Came Galileo

    Jeanne Bendick

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    • Suitable for:  read aloud for family or independent reading for older children
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      only to read aloud
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      Religious perspective: Secular

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