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Delta Education Science Kits

Publisher: Delta Education
Review last updated: 2009
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Delta Education Science Kits

Delta sells kits, equipment, and books for hands-on science learning. Delta has some interesting but expensive kits for classrooms, but home educators will likely be more interested in the smaller Science in a Nutshell kits. Also, teacher's guides for the larger kits are available separately so you can put together your own kits with materials from Delta and do the same experiments. Examples of the Science in a Nutshell kits: Our Changing Earth, Body Basics, Ponds and Streams, Oceans in Motion, Weather Wise, Bubble Science, and Electrical Connections. Each kit ($39) has from eight to twelve activities, materials for one to three students (some activities will be done all together rather than separately), activity guide, and three student activity journals


Many Science in a Nutshell kits are $39

Instant Key

  • Learning Styles: all, but especially Wiggly Willy
    Suitable for:  group or one-on-one
    most kits are for grades 3-6
    Need for parent/teacher instruction: 
    Prep time needed:
    Need for teacher's manual: instructions in kits
    Religious perspective: secular

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  • Delta Education

    PO Box 3000
    Nashua, NH 03061

    (800) 442-5444