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Exploring Creation with Marine Biology

Publisher: Apologia Educational Ministries
Author: Sherri Seligson
Review last updated: 2009
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Exploring Creation with Marine Biology

Homeschooling parent and marine biologist Sherri Seligson created this high school level Marine Biology course following the same format as Apologia's other high school courses that I've already selected as one of my Top Picks. A first-year biology course is prerequisite. Marine Biology functions as an AP course.

The course investigates marine environments, life forms from microscopic organisms through whales and other mammals, the various marine zones and communities, and effects humans have on the oceans and seas. The course clearly reflects a Christian worldview.

This is a lab course requiring a microscope, dissecting kit, a number of household items, dissecting specimens, and prepared slides plus some special items like a natural sponge, dried ostracods, and brine shrimp eggs. You can order lab items from Apologia or Nature's Workshop Plus! Lab experiments are incorporated directly into the textbook, so there's no extra lab manual. However, students do need to maintain a notebook.

An added bonus with this course is a password to a dedicated website with extra helps for the course. The password is provided in the front of the book with your course instructions.

The textbook comes packaged with a book with tests and answer key for both textbook and test questions.

As with other Apologia courses, you have your choice of hardcover or CD-ROM versions of the textbook. Those who purchase the textbook should also get the optional Companion CD-ROM with extra video clips and other multimedia add-ons. The CD-ROM version of the text includes the content of the Companion CD-ROM.

I now Marine Biology is not on the list of required courses for college, but this would make an excellent third or fourth year science course for students interested in the subject.


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    Sherri Seligson

    Exploring Creation with Marine Biology Tests and Solutions

    Exploring Creation with Marine Biology Tests and Solutions

    Apologia Educational Ministries

    Exploring Creation with Marine Biology Course on CD-ROM

    Exploring Creation with Marine Biology Course on CD-ROM

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    • Learning Styles: all
      Suitable for: independent study
      high school
      Need for parent/teacher instruction: 
      Prep time needed:
      low--only for labs
      Need for Teacher's Manual:  N/A
      Religious perspective: Christian

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