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A History of Science: A Literature Based Introduction to Scientific Principles and their Discoverers

Publisher: Beautiful Feet Books
Author: Rebecca Berg
Review last updated: July 2012

One of my 101 Top Picks for 2012!

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A History of Science

A History of Science is a guide for a literature-based introduction to science for children in the elementary grades. The guide takes students through a number of real books for a one-year study.
The complete package includes The New Way Things Work, The Picture History of Great Inventors, Explorabook, Along Came Galileo, Archimedes and the Door of Science, The Story of Thomas Alva Edison, Albert Einstein: Young Thinker, Marie Curie’s Search for Radium, Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphia, Pasteur’s Fight Against Microbes, Scientists Card Deck, A Science Experiment Pamphlet, A History of Science Time Line, and the guide. These are almost all items that I would recommend to you even aside from this particular study!
A collection of five Your Story Hour audio CDs ($20 for the set) are also recommended materials, although these are not essential.
Lessons start with The Picture History of Great Inventors, a colorful picture book along the lines of so many of the Usborne books. It’s strictly introductory in content. I suspect you will need to provide extra explanation for some of the pictures with younger children. This book serves as a “spine book” throughout the study—start here then branch off into more depth on different topics. The selected biographies in the package make this very much a “story approach” to the history of science.
Explorabook, A Science Experiment Pamphlet, and seven activities at this back of the Beautiful Feet guide combine to provide substantial hands-on activity. (Note that Explorabook will soon be going out of print and be replaced by a different resource.)
In addition to completing activities and reading, students record information in a science notebook they create, color pictures provided in the Time Line kit and place them appropriately, do additional research in an encyclopedia, copy related scripture verses into their notebooks, create and label sketches, and do reports and presentations. Of course, you will need to choose activities appropriate for the ages and abilities of your children.
This is a wonderful introduction to science. It teaches some basic principles, but even better for children in the elementary grades is that it connects science to people and real life in fascinating ways.


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  • History of Science Timeline

    History of Science Timeline

    History of Science Study Guide

    History of Science Study Guide

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