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Science 2 for Little Folks

Publisher: Catholic Heritage Curricula
Author: Nancy Nicholson
Review last updated: 2009
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Science 2 for Little Folks

Science 2 for Little Folks was previously published as Catholic Stories from Science. This new edition looks much better and retains the same outstanding content of the original. Nancy Nicholson presents 36 science "stories" that help children learn about science, always relating the wonders of science to God as Creator and to other spiritual truths and principles.

Nicholson does a marvelous job of presenting science concepts in ways that children in the elementary grades can understand. For example, when she talks about "Freezing and Solids" she paints "word pictures" to which children can relate: "Do you think it would be difficult to color a picture if your crayons, like water, stayed liquid until the temperature got down to 0 degrees C?" Later she poses: "What if God had decided to make iron melt at the same temperature as crayons? Could we make our stoves from metal? What would happen when your Mom decided to use the oven to bake a birthday cake for you?" In addition to the delightful text, she includes many simple experiments and activities. Topics are wide ranging. Among them are meteors, lightning, eyes, the sense of touch, seeds, blood, and tears.

The book is set up as a worktext so students write in it. There's no need for a separate notebook for student activities. Although designated for second graders, Science 2 for Little Folks might well be used for a broader age range.



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  • Learning Styles: All
    Suitable for: 
    one-on-one or group
    2nd grade, but can be used with broader grade range
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    Need for Teacher's Manual:  this book is your manual
    Religious perspective: Catholic

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  • Catholic Heritage Curricula

    PO Box 579090 Modesto, CA 95357

    (800) 490-7713

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