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Master Books Homeschool Curriculum

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Young Explorer Science Series: Exploring Creation with ... (Astronomy, Botany, , Zoology, and Land Animals of the Sixth Day)

Apologia Educational Ministries

At first glance, the Apologia Young Explorer books look like standard hardcover textbooks for the elementary grades. They're nicely printed with full-color illustrations. But the focus on a narrow area of science for each text and the methods of lesson presentation make these significantly different from standard texts.

The Astronomy and Botany volumes, with 176 pages each, address only those topics, digging much deeper into each than is possible in a typical textbook that aims to cover many different topics.
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Experiments and Labs

Article: "Experiments and Investigations" by Cathy Duffy

Animals, Birds, and Insects

The Human Body and Health Education

Study of the human body and health education go hand in hand so I've listed these resources together in this section. Secular health texts are usually either objectionable or a waste of time for homeschoolers. We should be training our children to care for their bodies with good health habits, good nutrition, and proper exercise without a health curriculum directing us. If we do in-depth study of the human body, we will very naturally learn about some good health habits as we learn how the human body functions and the problems we encounter when we mistreat it.

While I'm not excited about health textbooks, as you can tell, texts from Christian publishers and other resources can point out topics we might wish to cover and help us focus on particular areas. Note that A Beka's health textbooks are designed to be used along with another science text to make up a complete science course in most of the elementary grade levels.

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Creation Science, Intelligent Design

Web Links

  • Graphite is a site that hosts teacher reviews and ratings for online games and websites as well as apps. Free and no registration required.
  • - website of noted science teacher Jason Lindsey that features a huge archive of relatively simple experiments for free.
  • MIT OpenCourseWare: free AP test prep for Biology, Chemisty and Physics.
  • - website with recommended movies & study guides arranged topically (subscription access)
  • Famous Scientists Biography Learning Cards - Free picture cards of famous scientists with space to write when and where they lived and what they did.
  • PowerMyLearning is a free online site that helps you find games, videos, and software by grade level, subject area, standards covered. You can create your own playlists.

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