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Science of the Physical Creation, 1996 edition

Publisher: A Beka Book
Review last updated: 2009
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Science of the Physical Creation

Designed for ninth graders, this course introduces students to high school level chemistry with a combination of text, lab activities, research paper, and project. Major areas of science covered are meteorology and oceanography, chemistry, geology, and physics.

At the beginning of the text, students learn how mathematics, scientific method, and measurement are used in science. A biblical Christian worldview is obvious throughout this text, most particularly in a lengthy section concerning the fossil record.

Although this is an "introductory" text, the content is in-depth. The text includes section review questions with occasional paper-and-pencil activities. The teacher guide has an overview of the course, explanation and instructions for the science project, instructions for writing an abstract, answers to the text questions, daily lesson plans (detailed), and additional teacher notes to expand upon lessons. If you do not wish to use this as a lab course, you can work with these two components, possibly adding quiz or test booklets.

The Lab Manual assumes that you have a classroom laboratory setup. Although the experiments are worthwhile, it will be too difficult for most home educators to set up the necessary labs on their own. Home Training Tools sells a lab kit for this course that makes it much more practical. The lab experiences will certainly enhance the course if you can figure out a way to do them. Another reason not to skip the lab component is that chapter reviews are found in the student's Lab Manual, with answers in the Teacher Lab Key. However, the quiz and/or test booklets should provide adequate assessment of student knowledge if you choose to skip the Lab Manual.


Complete kit $249.99

student text $27.25
teacher guide $23.75
student lab manual $14.25
teacher lab key $23.50
test book $7.25
quiz book $5.25
test book key $11
quiz book key $11
Lab Demonstrations DVD $151

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  • Learning Styles: all, but especially Perfect Paula
    Suitable for:  group or independent study
    9th grade
    Need for parent/teacher instruction: 
    low unless you do labs
    Prep time needed:
    0 unless you do labs
    Need for Teacher's Manual: very helpful
    Religious perspective:

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  • A Beka Book

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