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Syllabus for Natural Science and Biology

Publisher: Mother of Divine Grace School
Author: Laura M. Berquist
Review last updated: 2009
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Syllabus for Natural Science
and Biology

Suggested for tenth grade, this syllabus outlines a natural science and biology course that is very practical for homeschoolers. Using core books plus supplemental resources, students study animal life with particular focus on insects as they read through The Insect World of J. Henri Fabre by Edwin Way Teale. King Solomon's Ring by K. Lorenz, Humanis Generis by Pope Pius XII, and the Student Insect Collecting Kit are also used. The major addition to this revised version of this syllabus is a full study of Exploring Creation wtih Biology by Jay Wile, one of my 100 Top Picks! Obviously, this transforms the entire course into a serious high school biology course with more depth than most.

In addition to the core books, students use some of the recommended resources and books for projects, experiments, and reference material. Students read extensively, take notes on their reading, answer chapter questions, perform observations and experiments, and complete projects and reports.


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      tenth grade
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    • Mother of Divine Grace School

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