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KONOS Character Curriculum

Publisher: KONOS
Author: Jessica Hulcy and Carole Thaxton
Review last updated: July 2012
This is one of my 101 Top Picks!
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KONOS Character Curriculum

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KONOS features Bible-based character traits as unit themes in their unit studies for children in grades K through 8.
Subjects included in KONOS are history (primarily American history), Bible, social studies, science, art, music, drama, practical living, health, critical thinking skills, and character training, as well as some language and math. The authors suggest you use other math and language programs as needed. If you use all three volumes of KONOS, you will cover material typically covered in history and science programs in elementary grades with the exception of world history. World history gets spotty coverage in the elementary grades but is covered extensively in their high school program.
Because the authors believe children learn best by “doing,” this program is very hands-on—an ideal program for Wiggly Willys. The real strength of KONOS is in the number of activities from which you can choose. There are many more ideas than you can possibly use. Some people are overwhelmed at the choices, but the many alternatives allow you to choose how much time you spend, the number of hands-on activities, field trips, books, etc.—whatever fits your situation.
Lesson plans list materials and preparation needed, then recommend activities for younger, middle, and older children. The lesson plans are a tremendous help to those who are overwhelmed by too many choices and also to those who want just a little help in quickly sorting through all the ideas. KONOS lesson plans provide structure, yet they leave much room for individualizing. Parents who prefer a set structure and routine might have trouble using KONOS, while those who prefer variety will likely enjoy it.
While Volume 1 should probably be the first volume used with children in grades K to 3, any volume, including the third, could be used at any level. Each volume of KONOS can be used for two years. KONOS provides detailed background information for some activities but not all. Library books and other sources will be needed to round out the lessons. Detailed lists of resources and activities are under each heading.

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Volumes 1, 2, and 3 - $110 each
timelines - $59.95 per volume
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Index - $20
KONOS In-A-Box - $225 each
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      • Suitable for: best for group/family but will work one-on-one with a single child
        Audience: grades K-8
        Need for parent/teacher instruction: moderate to high
        Prep time needed: moderate to high
        Teacher's manual: each volume is your manual
        Educational philosophy: unit study, real books
        Religious perspective: Protestant

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