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God's World News for Kids

Publisher: God's World News
Review last updated: 2011
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God's World News for Kids

God's World News for Kids is delivered monthly with weekly lessons within each issue. A “full-year” subscription has ten issues, skipping May and December. (School subscriptions have only seven issues.) The April and November issues have extra content to help cover the skipped months. God’s World News’ lessons center around current events, with articles and lessons written from a Christian perspective. There are six levels: "God’s Big World" for PreK-K, "Early Edition" for grades 1-2, “News Flash” for grades 3-4, "News Current" for grades 5-6, "Top Story" for middle school, and “Trak” for high school.

Age-appropriate articles and activities are primarily on current events, although science, geography, history, language arts, and even math receive attention. Topics covered in God's World News might even be used as ideas for further research or projects.

With each God's World News subscription you will also receive a map (to be used with map activities) and access to Teacher's Helper PDF files on the God’s World website. Teacher’s Helpers are available 1- to 14 days before students receive their magazines so teachers have time to plan. The Teacher's Helpers summarize content of the upcoming monthly magazine, highlight key topics, provide links to additional teaching materials, and suggest methods of integrating the articles and suggested activities into your curriculum. The Teacher's Helper often has suggestions that comprise limited unit studies. This is a great tool for experimenting with unit studies without a major commitment.

Discounts apply when seven or more copies of any editions are sent to a single address—great if you can find a few other homeschooling families that you see fairly regularly.


single, "full-year"-subscriptions range from $24.95 to $29.95 depending upon the level

7 or more copies sent to the same address - $17.45 per subscription (these need not all be the same level)

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  • Learning Styles: all
    Suitable for: 
    one-on-one or group plus independent work
    Audience: grades PreK-12
    Need for parent/teacher instruction: 
    moderate to high
    Prep time needed:
    Need for Teacher's Manual: Teacher's Helper essential to create a unit study
    Educational Approach: research and activity based unit study
    Religious perspective:
    Christian (Protestant)

Publisher's Info

God's World News Mailbox

PO Box 20001
Asheville, NC 28802-8201
(800) 951-KIDS (5437)