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Unit Studies

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Linda Thornhill

TRISMS (Time Related Integrated Studies for Mastering Skills) differs from most unit study programs since it targets junior high through high school.

In the title, "Time related" refers to the chronological approach of the study, which covers the history of the world from early civilizations to the present. I appreciate the chronological approach for upper levels, since some children (especially if they have been working in non-chronological unit studies up to this point) still need to get the overview of how events and ideas influence each other in time.
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All-In-One Programs

There are a number of programs that look like unit studies, yet lack a unifying theme. Instead, projects, assignments, readings, etc., for each study area are outlined according to a schedule. The benefit of this approach is in the time it saves us in creating lesson plans—it is all done for us. We only need gather the books and materials needed for each lesson.

Limited Unit Studies

The following unit study materials are narrower in scope than those already listed.

Creating Your Own Unit Study

With so many alternatives available, it is good to experiment with different types of unit studies, perhaps trying the some of the samples mentioned in the reviews of the various unit studies before making a major investment. All the different types of unit study offer their own distinctive approaches, but all will provide an exciting alternative to traditional methods of schooling. Once you get the idea of how unit studies might be done, you will find the topics are limitless. With a little experience, you will probably be creating your own unit studies. Below are some resources to help you create your own unit studies.