Sociable Sue

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Sociable Sues are, of course, sociable. They often have warm, responsive personalities. They are interested in people, and as they get older, that interest expands into ideas, principles, and values.

But they also tend to be big-picture people; concepts are more interesting to them than details and technicalities. They don’t like memorizing names and dates for history, but they want to understand how different cultures and events affect one another.

They love change and new things. They can be very excited about a new project or assignment but easily “lose steam” once the novelty has worn off. Sometimes you have to switch what you are doing or add something new with Sociable Sues to reignite their interest—a different curriculum, a new supplemental workbook, an educational game, a field trip, etc.

They are motivated by relationships and care a great deal about what others think of them. They like to be recognized and acknowledged for their achievements. Because of this, they will sometimes be over-achievers, putting out extraordinary effort to impress people.

For the same reason, they are vulnerable to conflict and criticism. They often dislike and avoid competitions, preferring cooperation so that no one’s feelings are hurt.

For more information about learning styles, read chapter 4 in either 103 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum or How to Choose Homeschool Curriculum.

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