Cross Seven Digitized Audio and Video for Claritas Publishing's Memory Work Program

Cross Seven Digitized Audio and Video for Claritas Publishing's Memory Work Program

Cross Seven has produced digitized versions of the same audio files for memorization work that are used for Claritas Publishing’s Memory Work program. Cross Seven files are enhanced with video tracks as well.

Claritas Publishing’s Memory Work program covers all of history through four, year-long cycles, teaching selected facts that students will memorize, while also teaching basic material for other subject areas. All of the facts are put into songs, and students are to memorize the songs.

While Claritas Publishing makes the audio files available on CD’s or flash drives, many families will find the Cross Seven files more accessible, more portable, and more interesting because of the video component. Cross Seven has files for history, scripture, Latin, English grammar, math, science, geography, timeline, and hymns. U.S. Presidents are also taught at the bottom of the timeline web page for each cycle.
You can subscribe by the month to the cycle that you need and access files through smart phones, computers, tablets, etc. While it might be sufficient to listen to only the audio for some files, the video will have the memory content on the screen along with illustrations, animations, or other visual content that will aid student understanding and memory. For example, the science video on types of galaxies shows images of the different types of galaxies while the song plays.

Files can easily be accessed through the internet on most devices. For each cycle, you can access files for the week or by subjects. History, science, Latin, English, geography, and math segments are also grouped at the bottom of the index pages into groups of segments for seven weeks. This makes it easier for students to review many weeks at a time. This is especially helpful for history since it also helps students mentally keep segments in chronological order.

Segments for scripture and timeline include alternate videos showing hand motions in sign language while the song (for scripture) or content (for timeline) plays in the background.

Songs are all performed by Beth Fox who has a wonderful voice. She uses a variety of musical styles and instrumental sounds to keep things interesting.

In addition to the memorization material, Cross Seven has lots of  valuable extras that can enhance the coursework.

Fun Links for each week of each cycle take you to other sites for extra material or activities. For example, the first week of Cycle 2 is titled, “The Beginning of the Dark Ages.” The Fun Links take you to a brief Prager University video titled “How Dark Were the Dark Ages?” for history. A science link directs you to a PBS video, “Galaxies, part 1: Crash Course Astronomy #38.” A math link takes students to online skip counting games. Two links for English go to free sites for “Parts of Speech Rap Video” and “Parts of Speech Game,” while a third link goes to a subscription site that you might want to try called “Grammaropolis.” Some weeks include links for Latin and geography as well. These links offer an amazing amount of content that might be useful to you.

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$3.97 per month per cycle

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