The HomeScholar

The HomeScholar

The HomeScholar, Lee Binz, specializes in helping home educators with the challenges they face with high school students, particularly with record keeping, transcripts, and college applications. Parents with students in junior high should start tuning in to this information so they are prepared in advance. Binz makes information and assistance available in a number of ways.


My first introduction to The HomeScholar was through a webinar, "Making the Grades." In this hour and a quarter online presentation, Lee Binz discusses various approaches to grading sudents, computing a grade point average, using tests as a basis of grades (only one option among many), how traditional schools establish grades, grades derived from dual enrollment (e.g., a community college class), and other related topics. The webinar is a PowerPoint presentation with voiceover narration. At the end of the presentation, Lee responds to questions posted by the original attendees. This webinar and others that will soon be available may be accessed 24/7 for a $15 fee per course. The course comes with helpful extras: Sample Grading Criteria PDF, a GPA Calculator, a GPA Converson Chart, Syllabus examples, links to two of Lee Binz's articles on related topics, and a "bonus webinar" on record keeping.

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  • Religious Perspective: secular but Christian friendly
  • Suitable For: parent or teacher resource
  • Grade Level: grades 8-12

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