The Ultimate Guide to the SAT

The Ultimate Guide to the SAT

The Ultimate Guide to the SAT is a free-to-access website page that offers almost as much help as a book for those preparing to take the SAT. It’s up-to-date with information for the 2016 version of the test. It covers everything from “Why take the SAT?” through strategies for answering different types of questions. On the left side of this webpage is an index. Click on an index entry to jump directly to that section of this very long web page.

Most of the linked information is actually found on other websites. For example, for “How to Register,” the Ultimate Guide page has a paragraph of general information then links directly to the explanatory page on the College Board’s site. In the section about strategies for the essay portion of the test, there are three links. One of these takes you to an article on the Princeton Review’s website titled, “5 Tips for Writing the SAT Essay.” There’s even a link to a section with links to seven different sites where students can find free practice questions and tests.

Almost all links are to free material. However, there are some links to test prep services that can be pricey. Links to other helpful websites are mostly free, but some have a cost. Among those links you’ll find some like Math Maverick with lots of free practice material and Abacus Educational Services with free crossword puzzles that use SAT vocabulary words.

There are links to SAT prep books as you might expect, but there are also links to smartphone apps for SAT test prep, some of which are free and some that cost.

I’m impressed with how easy this web page is to use as well as with the quality of the linked material. So many free resources are now available for preparing for the SAT, it’s great to have links to so many of those sources in one place.

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