Extreme Dot to Dot History and Geography Series

Extreme Dot to Dot History and Geography Series

There are four history and geography workbooks in the Extreme Dot to Dot series. Their titles are:

  • Around the World
  • U.S. History
  • Around the USA
  • Explorers

The Extreme Dot to Dot workbooks are both educational and fun. The puzzles in these particular books have from 400 to 2,200 dots each, so there‚Äôs obviously a great deal of counting involved. But more valuable than that is the concentration and care for detail that students develop as they complete the puzzles.

The Around the World and Around the USA workbooks both feature famous historical landmarks such as the Taj Mahal, Big Ben, Sydney Harbour, the Kentucky Derby, and Mount Rushmore. U.S. History highlights pivotal people and events such as Abraham Lincoln; Martin Luther King, Jr.; jazz music; Ellis Island; and the Moon landing. The Explorers workbook ranges very wide with pictures of people, places, and things, such as Mayan ruins, Daniel Boone, the Mayflower, Albert Einstein, and the space shuttle. (Some of the topics in Explorers tie in with science as well as history and geography.)

Since there are so many dots on the page, you can't tell what any of the images will be before you start, and while most puzzles take up a single page, some take up a full two-page spread. Because of the time and attention required, these 32-page workbooks are recommended for ages eight through adults.

The completed puzzles also provide opportunities for art since they are so detailed that they function like advanced coloring books once the dot-to-dots are completed. They are too-detailed for coloring with crayons, so coloring with gel pens or colored pencils should work best.

Extreme Dot to Dot workbooks offer an inexpensive way to make learning more fun.

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Extreme Dot to Dot Around The USA Puzzle

Extreme Dot to Dot Around The USA Puzzle

MindWare Extreme Dot to Dot:Around The World

MindWare Extreme Dot to Dot:Around The World

MindWare Extreme Dot to Dot: U.S. History Game

MindWare Extreme Dot to Dot: U.S. History Game
  • $11.22 List Price at Amazon.com

Extreme Dot to Dot: Explorers

Extreme Dot to Dot: Explorers
  • $8.95 List Price at Amazon.com
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