Factile (Jeopardy-style game)

Factile (Jeopardy-style game)

Factile is an online tool for creating your own online Jeopardy style games. Your first three games are free, then the cost is $5 per month.

This is a great way to quiz students on material they should have learned. You can search and use games from their huge library of already created games from the subject areas of history, science, math, and English.  When you create a game, you enter a series of questions and answers under various topical headings and levels of difficulty. You can also allow students to practice in advance using the flashcard versions of your questions.

For play, a player or team selects the category and difficulty level of a question they will try to answer. Players earn points that vary in value according to the difficulty level of questions.

Up to four teams or individual players can compete. Answers are not automatically scored. A player or team says their answer, then you can check it on the computer. If correct, the team gets a check mark. If incorrect they get and “x” mark. Results are not recorded in the program after you leave a game.

It’s relatively simple to create a game and super easy to play. Jeopardy Games work well with just two students, but they are great fun for group classes and families.

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Free for first three games, then $5 a month or $48 a year for homeschoolers

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