continually expands with new printable pages and tools for busy homeschool parents to use. The full library includes notebooking and lapbooking pages, templates, and instructions, plus the Productive Planner—an editable and printable planner for parents. There are also groups of pages for many subject-specific topics. Among them are pages for art, music, biographies, literature, geography, history, nature study, science, character study, Latin and Greek word study, alphabet pages, state study sets, holidays, basic lined forms, and copywork. The site is mostly religiously neutral, but there is some Christian content in a section of Bible-based notebooking pages. A search tool on the website helps you find exactly what you need.

Notebooking and lapbooking pages include mini-books and cutouts that can be used to create your own lapbooks and notebooks on whatever topics you wish. History notebooking pages included in the collection are often tailored for particular topics. Science experiment forms and notebooking pages are adaptable for use with many topics. Nature journal notebooking pages give students several different forms for recording observations and information from outdoor nature study and pages for making their own nature sketches.

These resources are especially useful for those using the Charlotte Mason approach, unit studies, and other creative approaches to learning. They have even created a Quick Start Guide that explains how to integrate notebooking and elements of Charlotte Mason's methodology, such as living books and narration, into your curriculum.

Pages are creatively designed with lots of variety and high-quality illustrations. Charlotte Mason fans and others who love lapbooking and notebooking might find this site a super money and time saver.

You can check out some of the resources in their free sampler. You can purchase small sets of notebooking pages on specific topics for a minimal cost. But the best deal is to purchase a Lifetime Membership that gives you access to the full library of thousands of pages and all pages that will be added to the collection in the future.

Members who upgrade to a Lifetime Plus membership also get access to the Notebooking Page Generator and Publisher apps. Page Generator allows you to generate your own topical pages using the templates in the Page Generator collection. Add text and an image for your own topic, then print and save the customized form. With the Publisher app, you can create your own pages with borders, columns, lines, shapes, text, images, and other elements. You can also upload a PDF of something else you want to adapt into Publisher, then customize it to suit your needs. Publisher has much more flexibility than the Page Generator, but both of these tools are extremely helpful for quickly creating forms, templates, and activity pages to suit your needs. should be useful to just about every homeschooling family.

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Lifetime membership - $97
Lifetime Plus membership - $197
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